​About Leaseurope: The Voice of Leasing and Automotive Rental in Europe


What is Leaseurope? As a Federation, Leaseurope brings together 44 associations thoughout Europe representing either the leasing, long term and/or short term automotive rental industries. Together, our Member Associations represent more than 2,000 bank-owned, captives, independent lessors and short term rental companies. The scope of products covered by Leaseurope's Members ranges from hire purchase and finance leases to operating leases of all asset types (automotive, equipment and real estate) and also includes the rental of cars, vans and trucks. It is estimated that Leaseurope represents approximately 92% of the European leasing market.

For more information, please visit our website at : www.leaseurope.org  

​About Eurofinas : The Voice of Consumer Credit Providers in Europe


What is Eurofinas? As a Federation, Eurofinas brings together associations throughout Europe that represent finance houses, universal banks, specialised banks and captive finance comanies of car or equipment manufactures. The products sold by Eurofinas members include all forms of consumer credit products such as personal loans, linked credit, credit cards and store cards. Consumer credit facilitates access to assets and services as diverse as cars, education, furniture, electronic appliances etc. It is estimated that together the Eurofinas members financed over 322 billion Euros worth of new loans during 2013 with outstandings reaching 828 billion Euros at the end of the year.

For more information, please visit our website at : www.eurofinas.org  


Contact Details Leaseurope and Eurofinas Secretariat


Leaseurope and Eurofinas operate a Brussels-based Secretariat headed by Tanguy van de Werve, Director General.

Boulevard Louis Schmidt 87B
1040 Brussels, Belgium
Phone :+32 (0) 2 778.05.60
Fax :+32 (0) 2 778. 05.78

For contact details of all Advisers, please consult the Leaseurope and Eurofinas websites.

Transparency Register:

Leaseurope and Eurofinas are entered into the EC Register of Interest Representatives with ID n° 16013361508-12 and n°83211441580-56, respectively.